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 Holiday in the Park 

Texas Giant and colorful lights
Viewed: 1816 times.
Top of Oil Derrick with star
Viewed: 1511 times.
Sign in Texas section with Texas Giant in background

Viewed: 1542 times.
Everywhere you look, there are trees covered with colorful Christmas lights!

Viewed: 1396 times.
Texas section with Titan lift in background
Viewed: 1396 times.
Christmas lights and Oil Derrick (Intamin observation tower)

Viewed: 1279 times.
Christmas lights and the Johnson Creek Schoolhouse

Viewed: 1339 times.
Trading Post near the border of the Mexican and Texas sections

Viewed: 1326 times.
Another fire
Viewed: 1292 times.
One of many Raindeer figures that provide Christmas charm and atmosphere

Viewed: 1300 times.
Oil Derrick and Silver Star Carousel
Viewed: 1234 times.
Silver Star Carousel and charming bicycling bears

Viewed: 1312 times.
Star Mall (park entrance plaza) and Silver Star Carousel, with Oil Derrick in background

Viewed: 1247 times.
Santa and his team of raindeer
Viewed: 1211 times.
Performers on stage in front of Silver Star Carousel

Viewed: 1390 times.
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