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 Holiday in the Park 

Looney Tunes USA with Superman: Tower of Power in background

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Colorful lights in USA section
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Superman: Tower of Power (S&S combined launch/drop towers) and Dive Bomber Alley (skycoaster)
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Texas Chute Out (Intamin Parachute Drop) is transformed into a beautiful red Christmas tree at night

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Colorful lights in the Boomtown section, with the Gotham City rides Mr. Freeze and Batman: The Ride in the background

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Boomtown games buildings and midway. Each section of the park has a different color scheme of lighting in its trees.
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Colorful billboard in USA section showcases an early SFOT postcard

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Close up of colorful Looney Tunes USA shop
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Judge Roy Scream (Cobb/Rosser wooden out and back) looks beautiful at night
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Judge Roy's lift and first drop. This coaster was closed during Holiday In The Park 2003
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Ducks look longingly at the closed Judge Roy Scream

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"Quack quack, too bad we can't ride the Judge tonight, quack quack!"
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Judge Roy's turnaround
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Texas Chute Out and Judge Roy Scream. The Judge is built across this lake outside of the park and its queue is connected to the rest of the park via a tunnel under the entrance road!

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Oil Derrick, Superman, and Dive Bomber Alley from across the lake

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