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 Holiday in the Park 

The four drops of Judge Roy's "out leg", with Texas Chute Out in background

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The majestic Titan dwarves the nearby La Vibora
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Oil Derrick from across the lake
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Part of the SFOT skyline - Oil Derrick, Superman, and Dive Bomber Alley
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Wildcatter, Mr. Freeze, and Batman: The Ride from outside the park

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Feeding the ducks can be an enjoyable way to spend the time before the park opens

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La Vibora (Intamin bobsled coaster) as seen from the parking lot
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La Vibora's track twists and turns like a real bobsled run

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La Vibora's lift and first few curves
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This beautifully landscaped area is actually a free picnic/rest area outside the park!

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Landscaped waterway in picnic area
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Titan towers over the parking lot

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Titan's second drop and subsequent swoops, curves, and dives

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One of Titan's three trains climbs the lift during a test run before the park opens

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It's a long way down - 255 feet!
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