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 Holiday in the Park 

In the distance, Wile E. Coyote eargerly tries out his new equipment for capturing the Road Runner

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Road Runner taunts the hapless coyote
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Wile E. Coyote is ready to finally catch the elusive Road Runner...

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Or not!
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Yosemite Sam on the run after stealin' the gold
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Daffy Duck attempts to sell passing riders some Texas "T" Tea

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Even Porky Pig makes an appearance on this adorable burro

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This small drop comes midway through the ride

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Yosemite Sam attempts to throw everyone off his trail

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Bugs Bunny deputizes Speedy Gonzalez and Daffy Duck so they can help him catch Yosemite Sam
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Another attempt by Sam to give his pursuers the slip

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Sam and Daffy shoot it out right over the heads of passing riders

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Deputy Daffy has the last laugh
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"Don't mess with the Texas Rangers!"
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"There ain't a jail yet that can hold Yosemite Sam!"

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