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 Fright Fest - October 8th 

Fright Fest shows and attractions sign
Viewed: 3408 times.
Park entrance
Viewed: 3187 times.
Monster Mash Bash stage in Looney Tunes Adventures
Viewed: 2715 times.
Bloody Bride
Viewed: 2891 times.
Juggling Clowns
Viewed: 2754 times.
Count Dracula
Viewed: 3005 times.
Decorations near The Jester
Viewed: 2453 times.
Decorations near Mad Rex
Viewed: 2539 times.
Disco Inferno sign
Viewed: 2470 times.
Disco Inferno performers
Viewed: 2749 times.
Disco Inferno stage (Jocco's stage)
Viewed: 2522 times.
Frankenstein's Haunted Castle sign
Viewed: 2586 times.
Spider webs near Muskrat Scrambler
Viewed: 2605 times.
Cajun Country decorations
Viewed: 2371 times.
More Cajun Country decorations
Viewed: 2414 times.
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